Adult Party Supplies

Adult party supplies.

Party supplies for adult & teen birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions (Welcome Home, Get Well Soon, Farewell). Shop in-store or online. Couriered throughout South Africa.

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  • Casino Party

    Poker themed party supplies.

    Plates, cups, serviettes and


    Poker party ideas.

  • Doodle Birthday

    Doodle Birthday Party Supplies 

  • Triangle Confetti

    Triangle Confetti themed party supplies

  • Glittering Birthday

    This generic birthday theme will add a sprcial touch to any birthday celebration. 

  • Rose Gold

    A beautiful range of Rose gold party supplies. 

  • Summer Pineapple and...

    Summer Pineapple and Flamingo theme

  • Llama Party Supplies

    This Llama party theme is perfect to use for outdoor events, fiestas and general entertaining. A beautiful colour palette of pastel blues and greens. 

  • Mix It Up - Rose Gold

    Mix It Up  Ombre Pink & Rose Gold Party Supplies.

  • Fiesta

    Fiesta party supplies,

    Fiesta party ideas and


  • Mexican

    Mexican Party Supplies 

  • Palm Tropical Luau

    Hawaii themed party supplies,

    Aloha plates, cups, serviettes.

    Hawaii party ideas and inspiration.

  • Pamper Party

    Pamper Party Party Supplies.

  • Western

    Western themed party supplies,

    plates, cups, serviettes and decor.

    Western party decor and ideas.