Foil Balloons, Latex Balloons - Round, Orb and Supershapes, to compliment every party.

Foil Balloons require helium for inflation.

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  • Plain Balloons

    Latex balloons in various colours

    and styles to suit your decor and

    party supplies.

    Balloon decor ideas

  • Printed latex balloons

    Latex balloons in various colours with various prints to suit your balloon decor and party supplies.

    Balloon decor ideas

  • Mini Airwalker Animals

    Mini Airwalker animal balloons

  • Foil Balloons

    Shaped Foil Balloons - great variety. A must have party accessory. Balloon decor ideas. These balloons are meant to be filled with Helium. Disposable Helium canisters are available for sale too!

  • Balloon Weights

    Pretty balloon weights in various colours.

    Counteract the wind and

    stop your balloons from floating away.

    Clever party tips.

  • Ribbon

    20m Ribbon cobs.

    Balloon ribbon that compliments

    your latex and foil balloons

    and party supplies.

  • Balloon Sticks

    The one piece balloon holder is designed

    to hold balloons in an upright position.

    Simply click the top into place and it is

    ready to use straight away. 

    Balloon decor ideas

  • Balloon Hand Pump

    Double action balloon hand pump.

    Inflates balloons on both the upstroke and downstroke,

    making it to much easier to inflate your latex balloons.

    How to inflate latex balloons.